Voice-enabled AI sales Assistant-Buddy

  • BitNudge is a feature-ready with voice-enabled AI bots that serve as virtual assistants (VAs) for its users such as the frontline, team leaders and Senior Managers using the platform.
  • Voice as a medium of instruction means that BitNudge users can “talk”┬áto BitNudge to get comprehensive insights on prospects, customers, pipeline, incentives and other key parameters.
  • Senior Managers can ask for and gain specific insights on the frontline e.g., frontline users who are consistently underperforming, below their monthly go goals or require a learning intervention.
Fully Customizable/ Bespoke

  • Voice Bots are designed in a fully bespoke way and can be trained to respond to specific actions on behalf of the user – e.g., Sending a welcome email to a new customer of the frontline user. In other words, Bots can be used to “read” information from (e.g., what was the sales yesterday) or “write” information to (e.g., take an action such as sending a welcome email to customer).